The purpose of this blog is to collect parables that help communicate the Kingdom of God. Parables are powerful stories that express profound spiritual truths. A story can impact and change us in ways that simple teachings never can. C.S. Lewis once said that the purpose of his stories were to “Baptize the imagination.” I can’t put better myself what a good story can do and be.

While I have come at this blog from a Christian perspective, wanting to share stories in the tradition of Jesus, to communicate God’s reality… I make no apologies for sharing the parables of other religious traditions. We have so much to learn from one another. I’m reminded of the maxim, often attributed to St. Augustine, that “all truth is God’s truth.” If a story has a truth to communicate, then it can draw us closer to God. As John Wesley once wrote:

“Let us not narrow the cause of God to our own beliefs, but rejoice in goodness wherever it occurs.”

It is also my hope, that people of other faiths will find much to inspire them in the great Christian tradition of storytelling. While my reflections are written as notes for other disciples walking in the way of Jesus, please don’t think that means there is nothing in them that is of use to you. Perhaps my way and yours has more in common than we might first think. When we find something in common, no matter how small, it can grow into something big. Think how a tiny mustard seed, once it is planted, becomes the biggest of all trees. That’s what the Kingdom of God is like.